Titanium Energy Services

Titanium Energy Services

, Canada

Job Title
Coiled Tubing Operator, Senior
110,000 Annually
Office time
Job Type
Full Time
25 January, 2023

Company Description

Titanium Energy Services is an independently owned & operated oilfield service company offering integrated well intervention solutions from cradle to grave with Coiled Tubing, E-Coil, Wireline, Nitrogen and Fluid Pumping Services. 

  • Clean Driving Record
  • Ability to work in a team environment with Propert
  • Active Listening
  • leadership
  • Ability to understand and follow instruction regar


The Senior Coiled Tubing Operator reports to the Coiled Tubing Supervisor and assists in performing coiled tubing services in the most safe and efficient manner possible. The Senior Coiled Tubing Operator is responsible for operating coiled tubing tools and equipment, vehicle preparation, housekeeping, maintenance and coiled tubing operations.


Progression from Senior Coiled Tubing Operator to Junior Coiled Tubing Supervisor can be achieved through ongoing training and increase of knowledge and skill level. Each level has increasing degrees of responsibility and is achieved based on successful completion of training in that area, good job performance, good safety record, attitude and seniority. Operator and supervisor progression consists of 8 levels. Progressions are not automatic.



  • Willingly participates in all safety, cost, and service improvement programs.
  • Available for work during regular scheduled shift at all times and is ‘fit for duty’.
  • Always exhibits a positive and professional corporate image to customers and the general public.
  • Maintains and exhibits a positive “CAN DO” attitude towards customers, other service companies, and all
  • employees. 
  • Maintains equipment, tools, truck and shop in a neat, clean, and orderly fashion.
Job Responsibilities
  • Complete logs daily
  • Complete and submit personal timecards according to payroll schedule each month 
  • Start to learn the different types of tools required for each job
  • Participate in the HSE Stop & Think Hazard Management program and equipment safety inspections
  • Enrolled for Class 1 license or possessing learner permit
  • Begin using SDS and understand where to find Safety Data Sheets
  • Ensure all safety certificates are up to date
  • Wear all standard PPE in the shop and the field
  • Begin to understand the inventory on the different units and ensure these are stocked and clean
  • Wash a coiled tubing unit and ensure cabs are clean and equipment is fueled up before return to base
  • Begin to perform general maintenance on the coiled tubing unit including oil changes with samples and paperwork. 
  • Work in cooperation with a mechanic or coiled tubing operator to ensure work is checked
  • Assist the supervisor and crew on swapping coil tubing over
  • Understand the expectations of all shops and will clean when needed and at the end of every day including taking out garbage’s without being instructed
  • Learn how to bump test H2S monitors daily for crews
  • Follow instructions and learn from assigned mentor
  • Observe crews on location and understand hand placement and body positioning
  • Observe and learn the how to identify hazards and controls required to mitigate risk
  • Observe and learn the proper use of BOPs and lubricators
  • Observe and learn the proper rig up of injector heads with crane or knuckle picker



  • To read, understand, and comply with this firm's health, safety and environment policy, safe work practices, procedures, and rules along with all regulatory standards and regulations.
  • To notify the supervisor of any unsafe conditions, acts, or environmental risks that may endanger the health and safety of workers or adversely affect the environment.
  • To report all near-miss incidents, accidents, injuries, safety concerns and illness to the supervisor as soon as possible.
  • To refuse to perform unsafe work that represents an imminent danger to themselves or others, and report to supervision so that appropriate corrective action can be taken.
  • Perform all assigned task without causing death or injuries to yourself or others and to prevent the loss or damage to all property, vehicles, and equipment (including Titanium, customers, other contractors and the general public).
  • Knows, observes, and practices expert safe driving techniques at all times. Knows and obeys the law of the road and company driving policies.
  • Knows, observes, and practices the use of all personal protection equipment (including steel toe foot wear, safety glasses, radiation badges, and fire retarding coveralls).
  • Junior Operators know the function of and practice safe rigging and application of all coil units, injectors, and support trailers and tanks.
  • Completes all required paperwork for safety compliance, legislation and other areas completely, legibly and on time.


Titanium Offers:

  • Crew Housing availability 
  • Base salary and competitive job bonuses
  • Benefits package starting on day 1, including:
    • Medical Coverage
    • Dental Coverage
    • Employee Assistance Program
  • Fuel card discount program for employees
  • Extensive training including all needed oilfield tickets
  • Excellent mentorship program
  • Safety rewards program
  • Lucrative recruitment bonus program
  • Progression opportunities in all divisions
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