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Titanium Energy Services was incorporated in 2006 and has proudly served energy companies in various provinces across Canada.

Supplying Coiled Tubing, Nitrogen Purging, Fluid Pumping & Wireline Operations for industrial oil, natural gas exploration, civil facility and cavern servicing.

We welcome self-motivated class 1 (or 3) drivers with a minimum of 6 months industry related experience, high school diploma (or equivalent), basic computer skills, exceptional organization skills and an eye for detail.

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Whether you require down-hole well intervention, wellbore data, gas purging, fluid pumping or water treatment technologies, contact the specialist for expert advice.

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Personal Information and Privacy Act (PIPA)

The purpose of this policy is aimed at governing the collection, use and disclosure of personal information by Titanium Tubing Technology in a way that recognizes both an individual’s right to have their personal information protected and kept private, and the need of Titanium to collect, use or disclose personal information for reasonable purposes. 


Personal Information

Any information about an individual that is capable of identifying them is “personal” information.  Personal information includes, but is not limited to address, age, weight, height, gender, employment or financial history, ID numbers, place of birth, ethnic origin, opinions, evaluations or comments about an individual.  Personal information does not include business contact information.

Personal Employee Information

Personal employee information means, in respect to an individual who is an employee or potential employee, personal information reasonably required by an organization that is collected, used or disclosed solely for the purposes of establishing, managing or terminating:

  • an employment relationship; or
  • a volunteer work relationship between the organization and the individual but does not include personal information about the individual that is unrelated to that relationship.

Business Contact Information

Any information that is required to identify an individual for business reasons including but not limited to name, job title, business telephone numbers, business address and email of an employee, client or service provider of Titanium for the purpose of contacting that person in their capacity as an employee, client or service provider of Titanium. 


Accountability and Identification of Purpose

Titanium is accountable and committed to identify and communicate the purpose for which the personal information is collected before it is collected.  Each department within Titanium is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of the practices governed by this policy within their area of expertise.  In the event of any queries or concerns around Titanium’s personal information policy, employees and third parties should contact Titanium’s HR Division.


Consent may be expressed or implied, and may be given orally or in writing (including electronically).  When an individual voluntarily provides personal information for business purposes of such information it is deemed consent.  Titanium may consider consent by providing reasonable notice to the individual and request a response to opt-out within a reasonable time period. 

All personal information collected by Titanium before January 1, 2004 is presumed to have been collected pursuant to consent as per PIPA (Alberta).

Individuals may refuse to consent to the collection, use or disclosure of their personal information by Titanium or withdraw a previously given consent at any time.  Should consent for use and/or disclosure of personal information provided to Titanium be withdrawn or insufficient in order for   Titanium to manage an ordinary business relationship, Titanium may be prevented from proceeding with the relationship.

Collection and Accuracy

The collection of personal information shall be limited to that which is necessary for the purposes identified by Titanium.  Information shall be collected by fair and lawful means.

Due to the nature of Titanium’s business and the ability to carry on business, it is necessary to collect and retain certain types of personal information including, but not limited to:

  • Basic information such as name, social insurance number, address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, birth date, marital status and dependent information.
  • Beneficiary information.
  • Information required for processing payment for services or wages.
  • Emergency contact information.
  • Driver’s record.
  • Medical information.

Titanium may obtain personal information from external parties.  Titanium takes necessary steps to ensure that personal information obtained from external parties is disclosed to Titanium pursuant to consent of the individual.  Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Business clients and/or service providers.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Motor vehicle and driver licensing authorities.
  • Financial institutions.
  • Medical professionals.
  • Collection Agencies.

Titanium collects information through resumes, filling out forms, email, fax, correspondence, or telephone conversations.

The type and accuracy of information collected is solely contingent upon what is provided or available to Titanium.  To ensure accuracy, notification must be provided to Titanium to update or make any changes to the personal information.

Use of Personal Information

Personal information collected by Titanium will be used solely for the purposes of carrying on ordinary business relationships with employees and external parties.  The information Titanium collects will be used to create records during the course of our active business dealings and assist with making decisions, providing client services and organizing events or providing perks.  Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide compensation & benefits or to provide fees for services.
  • Undertake employment reviews and assessments.
  • Use in emergency situations.
  • Communicate with employees and external parties.
  • Undertake security and investigative procedures.
  • Ensure that employee and external party information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Protect Titanium and/or employees and/or external parties against inaccuracy.
  • Address and or recognize employees for special occasions and events such as a birthday, a birth of a child, corporate events, or for recognition in the company newsletter.
  • Ensure Titanium employees meet the terms of the company policies as set out in the employee handbook.
  • Corporate health and safety initiatives and regulations.
  • To ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Initiate and complete the relationship with the client or a service provider.

Accessing Personal Information

Employees and external parties may access personal information pertaining to them on record by providing a written request to Titanium’s Privacy Officer.  Titanium will make every reasonable effort to respond to the request within 45 calendar days of receiving the request.  To the extent the individual can demonstrate that any objective information is out-of-date or inaccurate, Titanium will update or correct it. 

Storage and Disclosure

All personal information collected by Titanium will be stored in a secure manner that restricts the right of access only to those people who have a need to know.  Titanium will not disclose, reveal, share or otherwise disseminate any personal information to anyone without consent unless the disclosure is

  • Required by law or within the course of legal undertakings.
  • Required for safety and emergency purposes.
  • Required for a business transaction such as an acquisition, merger or sale of an organization.
  • Otherwise compliant with privacy legislation.

Titanium may disclose personal information to external parties including but not limited to clients and service providers.  Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Entities providing payroll, retirement plan, savings or health benefits or similar employee services (such as the bank providing payroll services, Alberta Health Care, Group Benefit Carriers, and industry exchange committees).
  • AEUB, CCRA, Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance.
  • Regulatory bodies related to compliance and security including but not limited to Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Natural Resources Canada, Explosives Regulatory Division, Transport Canada, Alberta Transport.
  • Financial institutions.
  • Professionals working on behalf of Titanium or insurer (such as adjusters and lawyers).
  • Titanium’s Landlord or their affiliates, assigns or replacements.
  • Business clients and/or service providers.

Titanium employees who are asked to provide employment references may only do so upon receiving consent from the individual, and should consent be given, employees will state that references will be from the employee and not on behalf of Titanium. 


Titanium will retain personal information for a reasonable period of time and follow various retention schedules as required to effectively carry out its business in accordance with privacy legislation and other laws.  Some retention schedules may already be set, based on external requirements such as financial, legal, operational, audit or archival requirements. Titanium will use care in disposing of or destroying personal information to prevent unauthorized parties from gaining access to the information.

If any of the content of this policy is not accurate in accordance with Bill 44 (“PIPA”), Bill 44 will apply.