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Step 1: Submit a Resume for an Interview
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Accept Job Offer
Step 2: Accept the Job Offer completing your interview process
Review Employee Handbook
Watch HR & HSE Video
Step 3: Subscribe to the Titanium YouTube Channel and watch the Titanium HR & HSE Videos
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Download HR Forms
Step 4: Download HR Forms and complete them as thoroughly as possible.
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Step 5: Review & acknowledge the employee handbook and submit to
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Submit Requested Certifications
Step 6: Submit Driver License, Abstract Letter of Experience (AB Only) & Valid Certifications to
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Online HSE Orientation
Step 6: Complete the Online HSE Orientations Provided Below.
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Online Driver Courses
Step 7: Complete the Online Driver Training Modules
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Pre-Occupational Testing
Step 8: Complete the Pre-Occupational Testing
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Basic Safety & Industry Training
Step: 9-11: Complete all required Basic Safety & Industry Required Courses
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Titanium New Recruit Package

Employee HR Recruitment Forms

Human Resources Recruitment

Watch the Titanium HR Video

Client Oreintations

Complete Our Client Site Contractor Safety Orientations

Submit HR Forms

Email Completed HR Forms to

Submit Driver Docs

Email Driver License, Abstract & Required Documentation

Basic Safety Certification

Email Basic Safety Certifications; First Aid, H2S Alive, CSO, WHMIS, TDG etc..

Titanium HSE Orientation

Complete The HSE Orientation & Quiz

Gas Monitor Awareness

4-Head Personal Gas Monitor Quiz

Transport Policies

Titanium Transportation Policies Quiz

Fatigue Management

Titanium Fatigue Management Quiz

Federal Hours Of Service

Titanium Federal Hours of Service Quiz

Oilfield Cycle Exemption

Federal Oilfield Cycle Exemption Quiz

Driver Training

3 Videos