Titanium Energy Services

Titanium Energy Services is an independently owned & operated oilfield service company offering a wide range of Coil Tubing, E-Coil, Wireline, Nitrogen Purging, Fluid Pumping and Down-Hole Tool solutions.

Well intervention specialists in Coil Tubing, E-Coil, Wireline, Nitrogen Purging & Fluid Pumping for Canadian energy & natural resource industries. Titanium Energy Services also include Water & Waste-Water Treatment Solutions, Technical Project and Down-Hole Data Analytical Solutions.

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Quality Services

Titanium Energy Services offers integrated well intervention solutions specializing in Coiled Tubing, Wireline, Nitrogen Purging & Fluid Pumping Services.

Coiled Tubing

Titanium Coiled Tubing Services include a fleet of Coiled tubing units for shallow or deep-hole applications with e-coil and mast units to service conventional cold flow, thermal SAGD applications, horizontal & slant well serving operations.

Downhole Applications

  • Horizontal & Slant Well Operations
  • Conventional & Thermal Environments
  • Completion, Well Servicing & Abandonments

Downhole Solutions

  • Tool Deployment
  • Directional Ranging Operations
  • e-Coil Logging & Perforation


Titanium Wireline Services offer a complete line of cased-hole wireline, E-Line and E-Coil  equipment to effectively perform completion, workover and abandonment well servicing operations with over 100 years of experience & expertise.

Wireline Services

  • Logging & Inspection Services
  • Perforation & Energetic Services

Wireline Solutions

  • E-Coil Solutions
  • Conventional & Thermal Applications

Specialty Services

  • Dump Bailer Systems
  • Junk Basket Gauge Ring

Pumping Services

Titanium’s Pumping Services provide solutions in Nitrogen Purging, Fluid Pumping & High-Rate Frac services. These solutions are catered for pipelines, industrial facilities, well servicing and drilling operations.

Nitrogen Purging Services

⦁ Pipeline Purging Displacement
⦁ Accelerated Cool Down
⦁ Pipeline/Process Drying
⦁ Pressure Testing
⦁ Leak Detection

Fluid Pumping Services:

⦁ Coil Tubing Support & Purging
⦁ Drilling & Service Rig Support
⦁ Snubbing Support
⦁ Foam Cleanout Operations
⦁ Well Displacement & Injectivity Testing

Core Values

Titanium is dedicated to Continuous Improvement, providing Quality Service with our progressive Safety Culture.

Our people are the cornerstone of our operations.  We believe in this commitment to our customers, our communities and our environment

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“We are always welcoming skilled professionals, and hard working forward-thinking individuals to develop into competent employees in their careers.  We invest in our team(s) for successful results. 

If you consider yourself a team player who strives for excellence, join the Titanium team with a commitment to continuous improvement.”

Safe Operations

Safety is the principal our operations are based on.  A safe operation is the objective of each and every project, job or task, and we have adapted many internal programs to help keep our organization executing efficiently.  Our clients, contractors and employees have been satisfied with our current safety program, and many companies have adopted the Titanium QHSE standards to improve their own.

“Our people will endorse a safe and positive culture that breeds fresh, new & innovative ideas.”

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Titanium is a unique energy service provider with decades of experience in coil tubing, e-coil, wireline, nitrogen & fluid pumping services for upstream well completion, servicing, abandonment & facility solutions in improve energy  production issues.

Titanium Energy Services is an innovator developing unique solution for unique  situations. We provide services for dedicated clients with a proven track record for success.  This is how Titanium grew to become the authority by providing an effective, efficient & safe operation.

Lloydminster Base Operations

Address: 13020 Spruce Hill Road, Blackfoot/Lloydminster, Alberta. T0B 0L0